Pt 2 – Make Your Website Design using Dreamweaver & Adobe Photoshop 7 from a template

You can create your own web site design using one of our templates from www.allreadytemplates.com without having to hire a professional web site designer. Watch this video web design tutorial part 2 of 2.
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  • i created my own template in photoshop i just cant add text with dreamweaver

  • Thanks man finally got it now

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  • Thanks i really appreciate these tutorials i wondered what those asterisks were all about so now i know!! no wonder it kept going pear shaped lol great i can build on tomorrow and then make a website 🙂

  • siteGIDGET desroyssss everything out there lol… when you have your site built through site gidget the entire site is css complient and looks amazing and most of all your being found.. its the newest thing out there, its pretty crazy.. there wont be anything able to match it in a while

  • Thank you SOOOOO much Bro

  • you are too funny! thanks for the tutorial.

  • there are sooo many ways to make a website.

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  • I think youre vid was ok

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  • I wish all tutorials were like this one – specific without being done entirely in jargon.

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  • Nice tutorial man. I’ve got my first ‘paid’ design project coming up and as someone who has no formal education in design (aside from high school- doesn’t count, imo), this video helped a lot. After watching this, I feel pretty confident in myself, going into this project, having never used Dreamweaver.

  • This Is The Shit Simply Put!!! lol. 7

  • i designed a web template using adobe cs and it has already the menu,, now i want to know how to use the menu buttons that i designed do i have to slice it, or save it as another jpeg data and individually divide all of it into pieces. pls upload another video


  • give us money hahaah…..funny

    thx man u help me alot

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