Q&A: Where can I learn web designing for Free?

Question by RIOT!: Where can I learn web designing for Free?
I’m young,
I want to know something about web designing.
Where can I find good and easy tutorials about it.
I want to learn it for myspace.
Because I want to fully customize my page.
I have all Macromedia either Adobe products to work with it.
From Dreamweaver to Photoshop.
Will this help?
And any tips for beginners?

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Answer by spiritius4
Borrow someone’s book of Web Design for Dummies. They do a pretty good job of covering items in it.

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  • try the writing html tutorial didn’t know anything about code no I know enough to make a site and then some thay don’t cover css but html is well covered and some java to

  • go to and learn little bit of HTML, make some websites, start learning PHP,Flash,Photoshop and add whatever you have learnt in your website

  • W3 Schools has online tutorials that are free.

  • As a beginner, you first try to design some simple web pages using simple HTML/DHTML. You will find lots of free tutorials on HTML/DHTML on the web. Then try to get how html really do the work. Then you start some designing tools to design your page. If you are good at drawing tools then its an added quality for designing good looking pages. But now a days most pages are dynamic and you have to concentrate on programming rather than designing if you want to get into web application development.