Raspberry Pi Tutorial 5 – An introduction to Game Development, PyGame

The Raspberry Pi is a £15/ computer that runs GNU/Linux. See www.raspberrypi.org for more info. I plan to provide Linux tutorials for those who are new to it, configuration tutorials once the Raspberry Pi is out, and programming tutorials following that. Cheers, Liam.
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  • very nice. here’s a little tweak.
    you can make the mouse cursor disappear by adding the following line


  • Thanks for the comment mate :). I do that in the next tutorial though 😉

  • I like your videos. It feel like 1995 all over again. As if all this was new again and need to be explained with much details. Also, where is the R Pi?

  • Cheers mate :)! The R-Pi is now currently in manufacturing. Sales will begin when the first run produces enough Pi’s

  • yeah the amiga was really good at 2d with the blitter…….nostalgia 😉

  • I just get a black screen and I have typed in everything and followed the tutorial to the letter… what is happening?

  • what browser do you recommend instead of iceweasal?

  • i am getting syntax error at line 5 of your code kindly suggest me What am I doing wrong?

    from pygame,locals import *

  • try using a dot instead of the comma (pygame.locals)..

  • that must of taken you over 2 days to up lode in hd ?

  • Just to say that your tutorials are brilliant! Thank you and long may they continue. 🙂

  • Hey Liam – you sound like you come from Wakefield – possibly Leeds.

  • So can you access internet? Awesome tut!!!!

  • Hey man, awesome tutorials 🙂 An alternative for Gimp would be the webbased version at pixlr.com/editor/. I think it uses even less system resources than Gimp actually, and probably equaliy as powerfull as Gimp.

  • Hi Liam I can see thee background but no raspberry as the cursor, the image has been reloaded and I have checked the code but I cannot get it to work…

  • typical scouser robbed the first pi!

  • good tutorial i’m in yr8 and finding this raelly usefull

  • Great job Liam, i just wish i had a few more IQ points :-P. My closest to this was C++ many years ago @ college.

  • Hey Liam, got an error on the “from pygame.locals import *” line saying “ImportError: no module named locals”. Do you know what’s wrong?

  • Did you call your file pygame by any chance? If so it needs to be something different 🙂

  • Indeed! Thank you

  • thank you for this tutorial! keep on the good work!

  • Can’t open background.png,

    Any ideas? I’ve checked all the code.

  • Code begins to run but the error message gives me the above message.

  • Never mind, just needed to make sure it was all in the same folder.