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If you read my previous post, you’ll know that

you can now use a single tool that allows you to

get into the affiliate marketing game fast. And I

mean fast.


It’s an online-based piece of software called

Instant Site Uploader and it’s got EVERYTHING

included to help you make money online.


I’ve already receive a couple of emails about

this because it caused a bit of a stir, but let

me try to answer a few of your questions…


Q. Are the websites downloadable and do I have to

host it?


A. Yes you can download the websites. You must

first upload them to your server and then you can

download them to your PC. The system is mainly

web-based to keep everything light and portable

so even if you decide to work elsewhere you can

log into the system and continue as normal and

won’t have to install any third party programs on

your computer.


Q. How long will it really take for me to get a

website up and running?


A. I’ve tried this system myself and once you’ve

got your server ready and FTP details you can

have a brand new site uploaded in less than 5

minutes. This is a lot quicker and more efficient

than doing it manually.


Q. What kind of sites do I get?


A. You’ll have a large number of websites to

choose from with more and more added every week,

including CPA review sites, multiple product

review sites, digital product sites and squeeze

pages. I’ve seen these templates myself and they

are of excellent quality. It would take me days

just to create one of them but these guys are

churning them out FAST to help us out!


Q. Do the sites include legal details for FTC



A. Yes! Every site comes with all the pages you

need, including a privacy policy and official

statement that says that you’re an affiliate

promoting a product. This will keep you out of

trouble from the FTC guys.


Q. Will I struggle with this?… I’m not that

good with computers.


A. You don’t need to be a technical genius to use

this… you can actually be a technical dunce,

because all you have to do is log in and follow

the step-by-step wizard. It’ll even put your site

files on your web server for you, so you don’t

have to know anything about FTP.


Q. Can I use these sites to build my list?


A. Yes, absolutely. There are some very cool

templates designed solely for list-building

purposes and you’ll be able to fully integrate

your web-form capture code into them!


If you’ve got anymore questions, just contact the

Instant Site Uploader team. They can answer any

queries from you and membership spots are filling

up fast!


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Imagine being able to create a nice-looking

review site for some great affiliate products in

a niche you want to target.


Imagine being able to do it without spending an

arm and a leg on designers, graphic artists,

copywriters and techie people to install

everything for you.


Imagine being able to go from idea to complete

website in 15-30 minutes.


That’s what Instant Site Uploader lets you do. I

think it’s safe to say this is going to turn

internet marketing upside down.


If you’ve been struggling to get past the hurdle

that technical details put in the way of most

people just getting started, this is EXACTLY what

you need.


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