SEO Checklist for New Websites – DIY Search Engine Optimization

diySEO resources – Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization SEO Checklist for New Websites, by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz Starting a new website is all about the details. Don’t forget something that will later hinder your search engine rankings. The SEO Checklist for New Websites will help keep you organized and save you a lot of grief.

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  • Incredibly useful- especially the link building section. Thanks

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  • Great video. Thanks so much. 

  • Hi there, I like what you are doing. Very helpful, and I agree
    with you that good products or systems take time build. Thanks!

  • Dear Mr. Cameraman. Pick a shot and stick with it. The zooms and moves are extremely distracting coming from a filmmaker. Thanks, great info.

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  • Wow! Glad I saw this! Great video. We were going to use backlink and bookmarking platforms like SocialMonkee to build up our site but this might hurt us in the long run. We are sticking to the checklist you just laid out on here.

  • Nice video SEOmoz. We also have a SEO check list on our blog.