Serif WebPlus X2 Website Maker Software

The all-in-one solution for professional quality web design. WebPlus X2 is Serif’s outstanding Vista certified web design solution, packed with everything an organization needs to design fully-featured and professional-looking sites with no need to learn or program any HTML! With smart Web gadgets including forums and site search hosted for free by Serif, integrated e-commerce with partners including PayPal, support for engaging YouTube, podcast and RSS content, plus video and Shockwave Flash animations, WebPlus X2 is the perfect answer for in-house web design. WebPlus helps at every stage, whether starting with a professional business template, designing from scratch, automatically fixing design issues, or publishing to the Web, it’s never been easier to achieve fantastic results, fast. Fast web design for all Fantastic Web design with no need to learn HTML! WebPlus gives you complete control in a DTP-style design interface with easy layout capabilities. Customizable professional templates Don’t be daunted by designing a site with professionally-produced templates to choose from, there’s plenty to inspire you or help achieve speedy results. In-house graphic design Add design pizzazz with great Web graphics everything from instant shapes to attractive fills, transparencies and special effects, plus 3D artwork, warping and image adjustments. Sell! Sell! Sell! Add fully-featured e-commerce carts and buttons using well-known partners PayPal, Mal’s and RomanCart. A wizard

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  • Its not that expensive, you should buy it, you get 18 months hosting thrown in with the new version too, fuggin freetards. It’s not like a $699 adobe app that everyone just has to rip off, this costs like 10 beers or something.

  • Does it use FTP?

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  • got the full version its so easy and realy good

  • sick program just got it for only 10 bucks off amazon. so easy to make good sites saves tons of time compared to using dreamweaver.

  • oke. i download it right now. ;)) i have iven the serial number. hyhyhyhy…..

    if anyone want the serial 4 this program, leave to me a message.


  • @coolzooone

    Wld lve a serial if u have one knocking around – Thks!

  • i found it on a blog with serial

  • @coolzooone. plz plz give me serial code.

  • There are some really good tutorials at addons . webplus . net

  • There are some really good tutorials at addons . webplus . net

  • @coolzooone Please send me the serial code and the site where to download it! Please!!!

  • jerrywebdesign(dot)tk

    is offering free web designs for any kind of site.

  • this free software n buy?

  • @ElementGuides can u make a register/login form and forums using this?

  • @ElementGuides it’s only 10 pounds and you STILL want to steal it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • @Matei8600 why dont you actually PAY for your software, you little dirtbag? It’s only ten fucking pounds, for fucks sakes!!

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  • from where to download?

  • This software is only available for Microsoft windows users. Linux and Mac users can forget about this option

  • How does one add the hit counter?


  • I cant say I had the offer that I purchase. They are liars. All of them.
    They being lying for centuries and I don’t want to do no business with them.
    over 20 days and I still have no software and no tracking number, and they tring to blame it on customs. Also, it will take up to a week to get my $150 back. Liars
    Not I have to wait another week to get my money to get me some more software.
    My blood is boiling.

  • Sourceforge is open source software and it is free. Any software you name just put it in the search box to bring it up.