Setting up MySQL on the command line in MAMP – Lucid Nerd Tutorial

In this Lucid Nerd video I will cover how to set up the MySQL database server that was included with MAMP on the command line in Mac OSX. LINKS: LUCID NERD LINKS: Subscribe: www.youtube.com Lucid Nerd Channel Page: www.youtube.com Lucid Nerd Blog: www.lucidnerd.wordpress.com Follow on Twitter twitter.com Facebook Page: www.facebook.com Google+ Page: Add us to your circles. plus.google.com Lucid Nerd on iTunes: itunes.apple.com Lucid Nerd Channel Description: The Lucid Nerd is a channel offering beginner computer tutorials covering everything form computer basics to web development and computer programming. VIDEO RELATED LINKS: MAMP homepage: www.mamp.info MySQL homepage: www.mysql.com REPEATED TAGS FOR SEO: Specific Tags: MySQL “Command Line” MAMP “Lucid Nerd” Tutorial Database “Mac OSX” General Tags: “Computer Tutorials” “Computer How To’s” “Beginner Computer Tutorials” Computer Tutorials Beginner “Web Development” “Computer Programming” “Windows 7” “Mac OSX” Educational Help

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  • Thanks!!! This is just what i need!! You save me.
    Best regards.´╗┐

  • awesome tutorial. I’ve just transitioned from windows to mac and this was super´╗┐ helpful for getting my dev environment up and running quickly.