Should I learn WordPress theme development?

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Talking about the moment when I asked my self the question, “Should I learn WordPress theme development and take my skills to the next level?” I did look into it and I found a course on Udemy that would have taught me how to build WordPress sites from the ground up using the Underscores starter theme.

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  • The natural free flow style of video is coming across very well

  • wow! nice one Mike, never knew wordpress is so cool. Looking forward to more cool videos.

  • I didn't know Harrison wells did websites

  • WordPress theme development is definitely worth learning if you intend on getting a lot of steady and fairly okay paid work ($35 – $95+ per hour). You can integrate React into it as well as create all kinds of wonderful JS/JQuery that enhances UX. You can integrate Angular to a certain extent with the WP_REST API, too. It all comes down to demand and supply and what your clients' intentions are and what they can afford.
    I like using Underscores. It's actively developed by Automattic, which is the company behind WordPress itself, so you're in good company. It has all of the template markup you need to understand and then integrate into your work. Once you get a good understanding of PHP and the various WP template tags/conditional statements you're good to go. Then you just get a good understanding of ACF and work that into your development.

    Really, though, like programming itself, each one of these has its own place and purpose. You're not going to get 50 clients in a year who want custom Angular/React (and now Vue) websites. They will obviously pay more when you do get those clients, but that's because of the gigantic learning curve that comes along with learning those frameworks/view layers.

    React and Angular are growing in the marketplace and they are very fun to develop sites, so learn those, too.

  • I agree with you that WordPress is the goto for dynamic content on the cheap. Its inexpensive to host as well.

  • I think the "div syndrome" has become more and more invasive since the beginning of the "mobile first" approach era, i would say 6 to 7 years ago. Almost everyone now builds websites with a responsive 12 columns grid in mind, wich becomes quite annoying when it's done regardless of what content has to be placed on the page. It has of course nothing to do with WordPress, but since so many WordPress devs use Bootstrap kind of frameworks in their templates anyway, we get the feeling that 9 WordPress sites out of 10 are built this way.
    As for getting the same level of flexibility with WordPress as the one you already have with your own PHP apps built from scratch, you already seem to be aware that you must learn theme and plugin development more in depth for that, and a starter theme like Underscore is indeed a good starting point. On the other hand, giving the ability to your clients to manage their own website (to some extend) is not that difficult even without WordPress. I you love doing it, why not going on with this method? You might end up with a great custom CMS that could fit the needs of most of your upcoming customers…

  • I'm learning Web Development and your videos are really informative and inspirational. Keep up the good work!

  • Been using a new udemy course by Brad Schiff for WP theme development from scratch. Specifically chose this course because Brad goes over everything WP and using the WP rest API for real CRUD situations.(which i intend to incorporate in to react applications)
    Not to mention Brads courses are fantastic, iv learned more about modern web development from them than 2 years in college.

  • actually your videos inspire me, keep it up bro.

  • Good to have you back in the tube sir! I was about to inform the authorities of a missing person and form a search party. ;-P

  • The amount of WordPress Projects for freelancer is heavy. At least here in germany. Projects where clients need custom themes are the best paid.

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