Simple Webpage Design Tutorial (Part 1) | HTML & CSS

Create your first web page with HTML & CSS (I suppose you know the basics and want to practice) and learn about:

1- Background Images
2- Typography & Google Fonts
3- Awesome Gradient Button
4- Vertical Centering in CSS


Image: http://ow.ly/Nfcb307EXmG
Google Fonts: http://ow.ly/dS2Q307EXIt
Gradient Generator: http://ow.ly/KZZv307EXzk

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  • I like it

  • Hey dude, great video, just one question, It wont accept my background for some reason, I used a different photo and just like you i named it background, but when i type background: url(background.jpg) … it wont show it when i open the page, any idea why?

  • great bro 🙂 upload more videos !!!

  • great work helped me in my presentation

  • What is notepad

  • Thank you so much dude!

  • Whats your font name ?