Small And Powerful Notebooks Designed By Asus

ASUS is a Taiwan based multinational company producing top level products. They are directly involved in the manufacturing of computer products including laptops, notebooks, mother boards, mobile phones, and other gadgets. These products exceed customer expectations and are produced with very high quality standards. The top notch quality of these notebooks makes them durable under extreme conditions. The notebooks are highly engineered and contain the most up to date convenience features. The notebooks are sold worldwide with highly competitive designs and pricing. With all the models asus offers there is a choice for everyone no matter what their needs are. The asus development team makes it easy for consumers to experience the latest and greatest technology.

The different models of ASUS notebooks include the ASUS B43F, a medium sized notebook which is easily portable and considered a powerful business notebook. The key feature of this notebook is the extreamley powerful Intel Core i5 processor. The expandable memory, (up to 8gb ) is a significant increase related to previous models. Bluetooth and a webcam compliment the long list of include features nicely. Equipped with DVD Super Multi-Layer Optical Drive and a highly advanced chipset this notebook demands respect. Operating on windows 7, the 14" display is flawless and beautiful to view photos on. . Asus includes anti-theft features on this model making theft much less desirable.

In the model B50a asus designed this with business professionals in mind. The 15 display utilizes a built in camera for seamless video chat and conferencing. Multi-tasking is defiantly handled easily with the integrated Intel Core duo processor and 8 in 1 card reader. This notebook is considered to be ideal for business purposes, containing wireless Wi-Fi and a DVD multi double layer drive. The 160 GB graphics card propels the B50a to new heights with captivating visual stimulation for all. The reasonable price of this notebook makes the affordability in reach of the professional and the general public.

The highly advanced ASUS B53J is a new notebook model which was designed with dominant business solutions in mind. The 15.6 inch HD screen makes it very attractive and powerful with the Intel Core duo i5 processor handling things. Using ATI mobility working on the fly has never been easier and faster. The 2.0 Mega Pixel camera plus the powerful graphics card makes it suitable for business professionals to students. This one operates on the windows 7 platform making the notebook very user friendly and reliability is enhanced. The wireless Wi-Fi with DVD multi super double layer makes it perfect for watching dvds and listening to music. The upgraded design features an integrated web cam and a higher performance graphics card compared to earlier models. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi link takes convenience to unseen levels. Using the Intel core duo processer in this computer asus really increases the usability and performance. With the supplied optical drive and 8 in 1 reader the user really benefits from the convenient features. The express GM45 chipset is a totally new jacking up the speed immensely. The keyboard is spill proof so the occasional spill is ok, but remember to be careful!

Equipped with the Intel N28o processor the asus Eee 1008Ha is a world class notebook. The built-in Bluetooth and wireless allows for portable reliable mobile computing on the fly. The cache memory is 512 KB and processor speed of 1660 MHZ provides unsurpassed reliability and performance. The advanced audio system makes viewing movies and enjoying music highly entertaining. The famous Xp operating system is installed in this machine driving up its popularity and functionality.

The research and development team are always developing new features and releasing newly designed models every year. With huge popularity asus displays dominance in the high performance computer industry. The company is constantly striving to incorporate the latest technology into their products to benefit customers and upcoming customers. The user feedback shows that these are really world class products attracting millions of customers across the world.


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