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gggmarketing.com 239-206-1205 Small business SEO that works can bring your business whether it’s online or offline straight to the top. By optimizing your website with the proper tags and keywords which is called on-page SEO, your visitors can be converted to customers, which in turn will convey you huge profits. You ca deliver your info strategically to your target market and permit search engines to find it. High search engine rankings can also be achieved as a direct result from local business SEO. The small business search engine optimization (SEO) methods that GGG Marketing LLC implements will help you move your website up in the SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Position). If you’re experienced with building and overseeing all features of a web site, you undoubtedly are aware of the importance of ranking high on search engine results pages, or SERPS. The first step is studying all you can about what search engine optimization actually is. Local business search engine optimization (SEO) promoting isn’t a brand new concept for larger businesses, but smaller businesses are just now getting within the game. Local SEO is a method of driving new clients to a business website online instead of a national chain location. The objective of small business search engine optimization is to persuade engines like google that your web site is related and what their customers wish to see. Ideally, people would determine the rating of each website. Nonetheless, the way it really works is

Outsmarting Google: SEO Secrets to Winning New Business (Que Biz-Tech)

 “There are millions of idiots running around calling themselves Gurus. Evan is different. He goes in and simply gets it done the right way–legally, quick, and smart. Every company I start goes through Evan. I’d be crazy not to use him.”     —Peter Shankman
Outsmarting Google
Breakthrough Google site optimization techniques from one of the world’s leading authorities on SEO!
If you aren’t at or near the top of Google searches, you won’t be found. Your company might as well not exist. But many common Google “search optimization” techniques don’t work–or even make things worse. In Outsmarting Google, world-renowned search expert Evan Bailyn reveals real, gritty, up-to-the-minute tactics that helped him attract more than 50,000,000 visitors last year without spending a dime on advertising! You won’t find any unethical “black hat” tricks here: only proven techniques that reflect comprehensive testing and extraordinary insight into Google’s secret rules. Read this book: Discover the supercharged site optimization techniques Google doesn’t want you to know!
New high-profit SEO solutions for every marketer, entrepreneur, and site owner!
*           Uncover SEO myths and outdated techniques that no longer work
*           Leverage Google’s deep knowledge of how and why people search
*           Integrate five core SEO ingredients: keywords, links, meta page title, URL structure, and time
*           Understand what’s really involved in choosing the best keywords
*           Acquire links that help, and avoid links from “bad neighborhoods”
*           “Age” your sites to build trust and escape the dreaded Google “sandbox”
*           Use Google AdWords to cost-effectively complement SEO and cover your “long tail”
*           Convert SEO results into paying customers
*           Optimize for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
*           Improve performance on Bing and Yahoo! without compromising your Google ranking
*           Prepare for brand-new trends in personalized and real-time search

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