Super Best Friends Watch E3 2016 – PlayStation

Super Best Friends Watch E3 2016  - PlayStation

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  • These must have been left to Pat to edit. Explains the expeditious upload.

  • Another thing about Detroit: Become Human, why in the hell would anyone trust someone they believe to not have any emotions or capacity to adapt and work outside of set parameters to be a HOSTAGE NEGOTIATOR?! Seriously, why?

  • ALSO also, I can just FEEL he's calling these self aware androids Deviants because Mavericks was already taken super hard.

  • Good to see that Woolie is "back in" to David Cage. Can't wait for the full LP.

  • Play forward Dawn when it comes out

  • following death stranding with spiderman is probably one of the worst choices they couldve made

  • Liam is literally the only redeeming factor in this group lol

  • You guys should totally play Graffiti Kingdom.

  • I don't know how many times i have rewatched these sony e3 streams/reactions at this point…i can't get enough!

  • Im just about to start RE7 just watching these reactions while it loads, and I have to imagine that when they saw VII fit perfectly into Evil they knew they had an epic reveal

  • "then embarrassed by his emotions cratos cast himself off Mount Olympus" lol dying

  • he's using one of Sony's engines

  • why is woolie freaking out like a shit head about Detroit.

  • Could sony be any further up their own ass? not likely

  • how did they not they not make a god hand reference during death stranding