Tabbed Navigation Bar: Dreamweaver Tutorial!

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: www.tutvid.com View this video at a higher quality here: www.tutvid.com Learn how to build a tabbed navigation bar using Dreamweavers Navigation Bar builder. We will give our buttons an Over and down state as well. Leanr a whole bunch of little tips along the way! Remember to check out www.tutvid.com for more videos and downloads!
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  • what i do is create the BG image and text as 2 layers. then as you change the colour, save each .gif. when you move on to next tab, just change txt layer

  • if you spent more time on the tutorial you would actually find out tat the tabs dont stay down when the new page loads – such a shame this tutorial doesnt even link the buttons to find this out

  • ofcourz theres no txt showing on ur tabs bcoz f u make tab images you hav to include d txt i.e home into tab image.. otherwize u wil leave it empty just a pure image of tab.

  • @lukegoh13
    Why would you want that on your page? It looks stupid.
    Besides it does, if you check Show “Down” Image initially…

  • did you use dreamweaver to make your website? if you did or didn’t can yo tell me how you made yours?

  • Hey i need to ask. I have a problem. How can i edit every each buttons? For expample what if i want ‘home’ button to have itself background, the same for other buttons. How to place background to each buttons? Plz HELP

  • In CS 5 I mean…

  • Loved the video. Thanks for sharing you expertise. Been trying to figure out for ages how to make the navigation bar. Did you create the buttons in Dreamweaver too?

  • What are “Vactions”? 😉

  • i can’t make my navigation bar horizontal.. there is nothing after the down image initially

  • Will it center itself on all screen resolutions or will it be crooked?

  • Thanks alot… it is really helpful

  • very informative video ,I liked it. You knew what you were talking about and managed to give these people some decent informaton !

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  • This is not in CS5…….

  • great tut. sharing.


  • so? i did it in cs5. and it worked well.

  • the video vas uploaded in 2007 dude, ofc it is not CS5!

  • Another great tutorial. I like that you keep them as short as possible whilst at the same time siting several methods for accomplishing the same task. Well done and thank you for making this available to all of us for free.

  • css se kar chutiye

  • Thank you so much for this video! I love it.

  • I like every aspect of your video, it is so detailed.

  • pls zoom the video..need more close up view. tnx.