Tables and Divs Basics (prt1) cms content management system

This is the first of 4 tutorials on how to create page boxes in MassUpdater 1.5. This Same information can be applied to creating a website in MassUpdater. I think we made it to easy for anyone to create a High end World Class Website, and I mean anyone. MassUpdater is on sale at: www.amazon.com Check out how you can make super fast changes to your restaurant online menu with the MassUpdater software. Super-Quick and Super-Easy! This is a preview of the MassUpdater software. View many of the MassUpdater capabilities in just over a minute. Our software is MassUpdater 1.5. It’s designed to let ordinary people with no technical ability design entire websites or update existing websites. This video shows MassUpdater software in one minute, 41 seconds! You can view more videos here at our YouTube Channel, or at: www.MassUpdater.com We made every hot feature (multimedia, YouTube, Flash) available through the software, and made each one shockingly easy to use. We put everything where it could be easily found, and then we sold the software to website owners. Every customer so far has adapted to using the software regularly, and not one needed technical support. Even we don’t like reading instruction manuals. So, to make the software even easier, we launched a YouTube account with videos showing how to use different features in a friendly and low-stress manner. This video series also offers an opportunity for the press to get a first glimpse of the programmers of MassUpdater and

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