The Complete Guide To Real Estate Websites

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****Complete Guide To Real Estate Websites****
***The 3 Ways To Get Leads***

#1) Content
1:15 Blogs:
1:30 Do They Matter?
2:30 How Do You See Success?
6:42 Case Studies
7:18 Sharing Them On Social Media

8:30 Social Media:
How it impacts your success
9:30 What Networks You Need To Be On
10:44 How To Automate (And what not to automate)
One Website; One Facebook
14:00 Testimonials
15:00 Scheduling Pages
16:04 Instant Texting
CRM Integrations
Landing Pages

17:30 #2) SEO / Google
Title: Best Purple Oaks Homes
Keyword used 1-10 times
YouTube videos
What’s A Keyword
Picking the right keywords
Setting Up Farming Pages For Your Keywords
Site Linking
Google Webmasters
Google Analytics

27:00 #3) Ads
Facebook Vs Google
Paying To Be On Local Sites
Types Of Ads
Branding vs Lead Capture
Landing Pages
Why You need to use landing pages for ads
Facebook Ad examples (Link To Case Study Videos)
Setting Up A Facebook Ad (Link To Complete Facebook Guide)
Click Link Below for complete guide to facebook ads
How Ads Fit into a healthy marketing mix

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In this video you can see how to create a real estate website or property portal using some really cool WordPress plugins and Easy Property Listings.


When we first thought about creating Easy Property Listings we wanted a tool to help us build hundreds of real estate websites for our customers.

Thing is we found the existing tools were really expensive, complex and slow so created Easy Property Listings to make our lives easier when developing real estate websites with WordPress.

We thought if we were having trouble creating real estate websites then other WordPress developers must be having trouble too.

So we released Easy Property Listings to the WordPress community.

You can contribute help by purchasing an extension or even better our Developer Pack and let us help you focus on design, content and creating WordPress websites.

Let us worry about the listings and property part of your next real estate website project.

Take Easy Property Listings for a spin, it really is easy to create real estate website and property portal as you’ll see in this video.
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