The Complexity of Web Design

The Complexity of Web Design

Article by vikram kumar

The complexity of web design is really easy to see. Once you begin to delve into the many aspects of web design, you can get immersed and feel as though you were drowning. But if you take your time, and start with the basics, then you’re on your way in no time. Web design is a discipline all it’s own. It’s a dance between two partners who want to lead – beauty and function. The trick is to integrate them both for a dance that’s a winner.

You can start by learning how to make a web site. This is done one page at a time, with a computer language known as ‘HTML’. This is how you get the structure and content of your pages. And it’s the place for getting your images as well. HTML isn’t hard to learn, and many sites offer free tutorials for learning it. The way to start your own site, is to create a couple of pages on your computer and then link them together.

The complexity of web design affords you many options for the things you need to do. For maintaining total control over the pages you create, some experts believe that the best way to code them is by hand. This can be achieved with any text editor, like Notepad for instance. But you can find better ones if you look around. If you take advantage of a ‘WYSIWYG’ editor, you won’t even have to know HTML to make your pages.

Once you’ve created your pages in HTML, then you want to save your pages. You save them by adding the text file extension “.html”, and then your browser will be able to read it and know just what to do with it. Then you’ll want to ‘name’ your files. It’s generally recommended that you use all lowercase letters for this, as it can cause problems with some servers. And lots of web design professionals will warn against using ‘blank’ spaces in names. They say you should use hyphens instead.

After you’ve done your creating, the next step in web design is to optimize your site. This means getting yourself some good keywords and phrases to pull your target audience to your site. Optimizing your site with your keywords can be a bit difficult with the amount of competition on the internet. Specificity is the main goal for choosing keywords.

Learning web design is such a vastly deep pool of study, that we’ve only been able to share the beginning in this short article. But if you have the drive and desire, or have the hunger to learn and actually enjoy web design principles, then you can have fun for a long time, learning as you go. It can be really rewarding to know what goes on behind the scenes of a web site. And if you get good at web design, it can be profitable for you as well.

The complexity of web design should not discourage you from seeking out the information and trying it for yourself. It really is fascinating, and it’s an art-form for sure. There are lots of techniques and plenty of options for you to take to yourself and make part of your style. You can develop your own way of designing with the kind of tools that you like best.

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