The Finish Line & Retrospective

Jose, Jacob, Aure, and Tony meet up to close out the 6 week sprint to redesign the ThisWeekIn website redesign. Tony leads the team to a retrospective on the final design, as well as guide us through a discussion of what worked, what didn’t, and how he would improve the process next time. If you enjoyed any of the previous episodes, this is the one to tune in for and add your comments and questions.
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  • @ta8877 Treehouse allowed me to learn html in 4 days(not kidding). It may be a little different for you, but it is the best place, and the html video guide is free too!


  • Nice sprinting! Can’t wait to see more! USB memory drives to be your next sponsor?? 😉 Keep up the good work.

  • awesome serie even if you did it whith drupal which is great.
    i will follow this series i saw the episode 1 wich was the podcast 19 and also 20. and it was very good.
    unfortunatly i am not a wordpress and even i will see this entire serie i would love and many other wordpress user if you make another project like this one with wordpress
    i mean there is a lot of users out there who use wordpress and if you make don’t forget to put the name of the wordpress in your title serie to
    thank you gays

  • Great episodes. Love to watch. Can someone PLEASE help redesign Go Daddy’s horrific logo? It’s hard to take the show seriously when that ugly logo is flashing in the background. (wink)

    Jose, love the hat. Go with Naughty. Tony, you are brilliant and you sound a little like Seth Godin for sign off concepts. Love that plaid shirt.

  • @ta8877 From someone who started as a self-taught developer(later attended university for web design/development), w3 schools is a great place to start basic html. As far as software, notepad or a basic text editor is the best way to learn. It forces you to learn the code rather than using the software to handle the changes. Aptana/Eclipse are both great free editors that work on any OS. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Design software, adobe is king.

  • @ta8877 As for hosting, I would use a service rather than hosting your own. You would need to invest in a business class internet connection with a static IP address. Normal high-speed internet connections are 5-7 mbps(MBits per Second) download and 700Kbps up. While that would be OK for a small low traffic site, as your site grows you would start to see bottle necks. T1 lines are roughly $400 a month here which at 1.5 Mbps up and down. Message me if you have any questions about this.

  • Keep up the good work guys. I love watching the show. Never can watch it live due to scheduling conflicts, but I still catch it every week. Wish there was something like groop school out my way. Would love to attend. Happy Holidays!

  • Will someone please buy Jacob an iron for Xmas, then teach him how to use it? (chuckles)

  • Great ep…! I would love to learn more about Agile and Scrum from a personal stand point. If Tony is selling or The Groop Skool is selling I’m in…Also I would like to see the finished product of the site so please do more sprints.

  • has mobile app and i think it is much better than Chrometa.

  • Good content. Well produced. Good work.

  • Thank you Visual Buzz. Much appreciated.

  • Yes we are going to be doing Scrum training this Year. Watch the show to get the latest news on training.

  • LOL. That is funny.

  • Thank you for watching. Much appreciated. We are going to be doing some cool stuff this year with the show and Groop Skool.

  • Thanks for helping answer questions!

  • LOL. Come on! It’s not that bad. ; ) I don’t think people look at the logo on the homepage.

  • Ha. Thanks. Not a bad idea. We do need to have some on set.