The Importance of Web Accessibility in Orange County Web Design

The Importance of Web Accessibility in Orange County Web Design

Article by Dianne White

A website that can be accessed 24/7 is something that could create an impact to Internet users, especially to its target market. In Orange County, web accessibility is a top priority among web developers and designers. Websites are coded in such a way that all Internet users can enjoy the same level of access to a website.

Web accessibility is a feature incorporated into web design that allows websites to be read by disabled web-browsers without affecting the accessibility and functionality to non-disabled web browsers. For example, an Orange County website designed semantically in HTML code may be designed to be readable on ordinary web browsers as well as Braille-dependent browsers.

There are also certain cases in Orange County when Internet users are color-blind and cannot differentiate clickable links from merely emphasized words. The importance of easily recognizable links should be considered in this regard. There are also other Web visitors who cannot precisely move the mouse pointer, so it is important that web developers and designers set the right parameters for clickable website content.

Effective Orange County web design is illustrated in a website that is coded so that it can be navigated using keyboard keys alone. Captioned videos or those including a sign language counterpart, are best for deaf and mute website visitors. Web designers and developers must also note that if the target market includes people with learning disabilities, instructional diagrams and animations are helpful.

Orange County web design should try to meet includes the visual, motor, auditory, and intellectual needs of the target market. Once these needs are met, web design in Orange County will undoubtedly make an impact of the site’s functionality and accessibility. When this is achieved, traffic to websites may significantly increase.

There is an unending list of reasons for Orange County web design experts to incorporate web accessibility into every website they create. A well-designed website can accommodate and cater to the needs of its largest possible target market. Web design involves featuring products and services in a way that would cater to the target market and their needs.

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