The Main Secret Of Internet-marketing

Do you know what is Internet Marketing? "Well, of course," – replied regular users world wide web – internet marketing – this is a complex of special methods that allow the owners of corporate web-resources to promote your site on the Internet and, thus spinning the trademark of his company to extract due to the use of network technologies for more commercial profits. "

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What is before us is quite a common interpretation of the term in the headline of this article. Moreover, interpretation, clearly talking about what a person uses it absolutely no idea what is internet marketing really is. It was in that I had to make on my own experience interviewing with one of the leading specialists in this field, the teacher of the St. Petersburg Institute for International Economic Relations, Ph.D. Dmitry Lubich.

Marketing and Internet

Currently, among economists and marketers are extremely common narrowly pragmatic understanding of marketing as a science to meet consumers’ needs and management needs of these induced demand in terms of a producer of goods or services. However, in the current economic situation in the foreground control problem is not so much by consumer demand, how much balance the needs of all market participants from a position of general economic and social interests – with the obvious aim to reduce economic tensions between consumer and producer.

Because the Internet as a global information system is largely governed by natural economic laws, it can potentially reduce this tension by a kind of "equalization of opportunities" for all users of the environment. Nevertheless, in view of the case now on the market of a catastrophic shortage of qualified specialists in the field of Internet marketing, the economic gap between consumers and producers but steadily growing.

For examples look no further than necessary: it is enough simply to imagine a quite common situation in which the user wishes to purchase on the Internet any product, for example, a portion of his favorite pizza, but despite the best efforts can not find the proposals for its sale, or finding such, he remains unsatisfied with the offered price or the method of payment.

Even more likely the opposite situation: the company creates a corporate web-site to introduce their products or services to potential buyers, but by investing in the development of this project, the money does not receive from him a tangible output.

Address these and many other tasks and aims of Internet marketing.

At first glance, it appears that circumstances on the current situation with a practical combination of concepts such as "marketing" and "internet" does not give grounds for optimism. Nevertheless, it is not so. Generalizing, we can say the World Wide Web offers businesses many millions of consumer audience at minimal cost, in other words, the cost of a full-fledged advertising campaign using the Internet for many orders of magnitude lower than with other advertising media. That, given the potential "reach" up to each individual user is not indirectly, but personally, makes this approach unique.

Internet allows you to fully automate the process of service potential clients, without unnecessary expenses by providing them with the requested service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Internet not only opens up the enterprise to efficiently organize customer feedback and quickly examine the current demand, but also the flexibility to change their own marketing plans and advertising projects in accordance with the continuously changing economic situation.

The Internet is an indispensable tool for the extraction of fresh marketing information, far surpass in this respect, other traditional media such as newspapers, television and radio, and also represents the best way to find potential partners and investors, in particular – overseas, allowing you to save money on international calls and correspondence.

And finally, the use of the Internet greatly reduces the overhead to move goods and services while preserving the required performance, and provides a sharp decrease in the risk of investment, making this risk manageable. Just need to know how to translate all these immense prospects in life and learn from them the maximum possible profit.

What is Internet Marketing

For obvious reasons, not the authors of most deployed today in the online publication of Collection of the concept of Internet marketing only to the promotion of any goods or services on the Internet, or interpret it more narrowly: as advertising on the World Wide Web, or has been – solely as a banner ad . And then the second and the third is not true just because of the narrowness of such an understanding of the subject.

In fact, Internet marketing involves a range of subsidiary industries, including not only banner advertising and public relations, and methods of conducting market research on the Internet, in particular, demand analysis and consumer audiences, the development of algorithms to create and ensure a high effectiveness of advertising campaigns, how to correct positioning brand in the market, and much and much more.

Referred to the limited understanding of the discipline is, apparently, a "childhood disease" of the Russian Internet marketing, which, in turn, can be regarded as an objective positive sign: the presence of these "childhood diseases" suggests that Internet Marketing our country is rapidly "growing" and is actively developed.

Profession – Internet Marketing

Of all the issues that we discussed in detail above, it should be quite obvious conclusion: internet marketing as a science, not only actually exists, but is also rapidly evolving. Awareness is one of this fact is enough to understand: the modern market demands skilled in the art, and eventually the demand for such professionals will only increase.

How, then, must meet the requirements of a professional internet marketer?

The first and essential criteria according to which the estimated level of professional specialist in internet marketing – a defined set of basic theoretical knowledge of the principles of the Internet, including a meaningful understanding of commonly used terminology and possession of basic network for at least the user level.

The second criterion implies an understanding of the conceptual foundations of classical marketing;

third – have a basic knowledge of web development and web-design.

And finally, the last two components require specialist possession so-called "premonitory knowledge" that is, information that should not make a practitioner of Internet marketing, as well as "inspiring knowledge" – knowledge gained from the analysis and comprehension of the most successful marketing projects that are implemented on the Internet.

Can you become a true internet marketer and achieve in this area of serious professional heights? If you have already asked yourself this question, so some chances you have. And to identify their own capacity to internet marketing will help you semblance of the below simple psychological test.

Carefully review the proposed questions here and try to give them thoughtful and objective response.

What are the goals you set for yourself, internet access, what kind of actions you take as much time during the entire session on the World Wide Web?

Already only that you connect to the Internet, defining for themselves the range of problems to be solved during the current communication session, said that, you know how to set a goal and achieve it consistently and, therefore, determines whether you have a predisposition to of the internet marketer.

On the contrary, if your method of using the World Wide Web is a mindless web-surfing in hopes of accidentally find "something interesting", you are likely to revise some of their own ideologies, if you decide to choose for themselves the profession.

Are you able to deal with long monotonous and routine work?

Contrary to popular belief, online marketing – this is largely systematic and painstaking work of collecting and analyzing information, drawing up strategies, plans and reports. And it needs to have at least some perseverance.

Is it easy for you find the contact with the people around you?

Despite the fact that the Internet is a fairly high degree of "depersonalizes" users, allowing the dialogue to "anonymous" mode, internet marketer constantly have to keep in touch with many dissimilar people, both via email and using other methods of communication.

That’s why communication skills – one of the essential qualities that should be inherent in such a specialist.

Can you quickly absorb large amounts of information?

Internet marketing – is a process of continuous learning as an ongoing work on "pumping" through a large volume of information. Training and capacity for logical analysis will help you not drown in this endless sea of data.

And finally,

Which kind of Science you have a great tendency: the humanities or natural sciences?

There is a perception that the average Internet user – "geek" by definition. Nevertheless, the success of any online project is largely determined by its author’s creative approach to solving problems.

According to practice, this more likely to representatives of humanitarian professions.

However, whoever you were, historian or mathematician, professional or novice PC user, you have every opportunity to learn the popular and lucrative profession internet marketer. This requires only a certain amount of free time and desire to learn.

The main secret of internet marketing

This brings me to the core issues, which defined the name of this material. Wherein lies the secret of Internet marketing? It is time to tell you about that. Ready?

Warning: main secret of Internet marketing lies in the fact that there was no secret in Internet marketing simply does not.

Any project that is implemented on the Internet, can become successful and bring profit to the developer if the author has a necessary set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. That’s all. The myth that this area of knowledge there is any secret techniques, only the possession of which can bring success to your endeavors – no more than a myth, deliberately fanned by "marketing guru" in the hope of intimidating inexperienced neophytes and thus avoid possible competition.

This suggests the obvious solution: an Internet marketer to learn. And to acquire the necessary knowledge in two ways: independent search for information in the literature or the internet or getting this knowledge in a specialized institution.

Self-taught path of difficult and thorny: currently available on the Internet data is not enough, and taking into account the fact that the same publications tend to actively "travel" from server to server, the user will spend an enormous amount of time before they will be able to find something something really useful and worthwhile.

And who can guarantee that the studied material you really developed a professional? From this perspective, learning from a living teacher with the opportunity, if necessary, ask any question and get an exhaustive answer looks much more attractive approach.

Today, however, schools that train professional internet marketers in our country there is practically no. Which way to the modern internet marketing should be elected – you decide.


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