The Ultimate Lomo Effect Photoshop Tutorial – Creating Lomography from Digital Photography Lomo Photography or Lomography has gained quite the cult following in recent years. And it’s no wonder. These little Lo-Fi cameras, such as the Lomo LC-A, produce some really cool and compelling images. Aside from the Lo-Fi look of the Lomo, the other main feature of Lomography is the cross processing of the Color Slide Film. A while back, I was trying to recreate this look on my digital photographs. However, the few tutorials I found online, while they were a start, didn’t really get me to the final Lomo look that I was trying to achieve. So, I made my own process, and now I have turned it into a full in depth tutorial for all of our SLR Lounge peeps. We have broken this tutorial into two distinct parts. In Part I, we are going to take a look at Lomo Photography and dissect the images effects so that we know exactly how to reproduce them in Photoshop. In Part II, we are going to start Photoshopping our image from start to finish. So, if you want to get straight to the Photoshop part of this tutorial, skip to the second video. In Part I, we identified the steps we need to turn our digital images into great looking Lomo style images. Specifically, those steps are: Distinct Features of a Lomo Photograph 1) Cross Processed Colors 2) Increased Saturation 3) Blown Highlights/Clipped Shadows 4) Heavy Vignetting 5) Film Grain 6) Sharp Center/Blurred Edges So, let’s get on to the good stuff and actually create our Lomo image in the Photoshop video tutorial below.

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  • This is so good!!! I just tried it and absolutely love the effect. Thanks!!!

  • hey SLRlounge, I love photoshop, I work on it almost everyday and I used to edit for a professional photography company for a while, so I know my stuff and I know that your video is great. Easy to understand, professional and smooth transitions into each step. Keep up the good work and thanks for the tips!

  • Awesome and so helpful! Thank you for sharing! And you have a sexy voice too!:)

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  • why do you broke that good photo by photoshop?

  • best video i could find about lomography indeed ! i simply LOVE IT !
    i love how you didn’t miss anything ! great tips a big “THANK YOU” for the help !

  • thank you. nice tutorial

  • instead using blur>lens blur, i’ve used Blur>RADIAL BLUR at 9-10px!! I got a relly really more acurate lomo effect …

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  • thanks..i love homo

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  • Brilliant!

  • Excellent video. Well explained and easy to follow. Thanks.

  • very good tutorial! simple and effective, thank you 🙂 

  • Amazing editing. Thanks for sharing!

  • did he say it looks pretty dope at one point? If so thats pretty dope lol

  • omg.. That was BAD! Buy A lomo camera and some expired film, don’t try to make it digitaly!!

  • okk

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  • Amazing video. I personally just got Instagram on my phone and I had taken a picture and used one of the effects on the photo. I liked the photo so much that I took another shot of the same subject with my Canon Rebel T3i. This video really helped me try and recreate the effect. The only part I am having trouble with is painting right after the lens blur. I am having a hard time finding a good balance of blur and sharp.

  • nothing like the real thing.

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