This Week In Web Design – Sink or Swim with Creative Director Aure Gimon

Today Creative Director Aure Gimon joins me to review YOUR sites and vote whether they Sink in the East River with a weight around their ankles or they swim. And we take you behind the scenes of building a site in “Preparing for Launch” a step by step walk through of designing and building the Launch Conference Website, brought to you by Squarespace. For more info check out the show notes at www.ThisWeekIn.com

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  • I can’t wait to finish my web site, maybe Jose & Aure can decide if it’s sinks or swims (the problem is – it’s in Hebrew )

  • Cool idea to test sites… You must do it in end of each show just for 1 or 2 sites

  • Also for web group site mistake is text box is to wide for this size of font, is hard to find next (jump to) line to read when reading text.

  • Great show guys. This is exactly the kind of thing I have wanted to have since I started doing web design. Keep up the good work.