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thomashonecker question : To all web designers I received very good at evolving Dreamweaver 8 and I’m learning Photoshop, and even put my first website from scratch … I’m hooked on web design, how I can turn this into a second job working from home … It seems overwhelming that there is much to learn where to start is the question? Does anyone know of good websites that teach web design for beginners, … tutorials and such .. a friend told me that if I want to be good I have to learn about colors and what colors to put on different types of websites .. really do not get what he was talking about .. was in a rush to go into details, can anyone explain and I go to places I could learn about this too. GraciasMejor response: Answer


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  • I’m in the same boat with you and try to make web design a second job. The approach I am taking is simply find a project that can be taken as a learning project and take a page at a time and functionality at a time. My page is a place of learning infertility doctors and clinics (, which began adding content to it, the next time the search engine optimization research, ads added together, the next time Amazon products added to it, next I added a way for people to register to list your information, etcCada appearance of the page it took me some time to figure out, but I was breaking it into pieces able to search and each individual piece and learn about it, while at the same time, the application to a live page.

  • There are hundreds of site, but generally the best way to learn is to try to “recreate” an existing site from scratch. Do yourself a favor and get a cheap web hosting account – something like is really cheap. Always remember to try a variety of browsers – at least in IE 7.6 and Firefox (Safari too, if you have a Mac). Topics of color to your friend spoke of the discussion is likely that the “web” safe colors. In general, it does not matter much in today’s world of color 16-24 bits as it did years ago when the Mac and the PC had 256 color palettes. That said, a good understanding of the psychology of color and use of color is always useful in any capacity design – just keep in mind the technical limitations of the past really are not that relevantes.En my humble opinion, the best thing is to learn XHTML / CSS – and always try to find ways to separate content from presentation. In other words, using style sheets (CSS) to format external presentation of a well-formed XHTML document will move towards dynamic designs based on much easier – and also make changes to the site wide aspect so much easier .