Track Social Media Conversions in Google Analytics

BasicBlogTips.com Google Analytics is updated to include social measurement reports. First you must set up Goals on your Admin dashboard so that you can access which social networks are converting. You can download the slides at http Watch the Google Analytics Workshop: www.youtube.com Subscribe to this channel basicblogtips.com Get free tips and resources to help you build a better blog and expand your audience! BasicBlogTips.com Follow me on Twitter Twitter.com Like the Facebook Page Facebook.com Add me to circles on Google+ plus.google.com

Google Analytics

Do you know what people do when they visit your website or web app? Or how much the site contributes to your bottom line? Google Analytics keeps track and makes it easy for you to learn precisely what’s happening. This hands-on guide shows you how to get the most out of this free and powerful tool — whether you’re new to Google Analytics or have been using it for years.

Google Analytics shows you how to track different market segments and analyze conversion rates, and reveals advanced techniques such as marketing-campaign tracking, a valuable feature that most people overlook. And this practical book not only provides complete code samples for web developers, it also explains the concepts behind the code to marketers, managers, and others on your team.

  • Discover exactly how the Google Analytics system works
  • Learn how to configure the system to measure data most relevant to your business goals
  • Track online marketing activities, including cost-per-click ads, email, and internal campaigns
  • Track events — rather than page views — on sites with features such as maps, embedded video, and widgets
  • Configure Google Analytics to track enterprise data, including multiple domains
  • Use advanced techniques such as custom variables and CRM integration

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  • We can do a Google Hangout later today and I will go over it in detail. Let me know what time and I will answer any of your questions. Thank you!

  • Okay Miss Ileane, I understood all the early part but after you mentioned url stuff I didn’t understand a single thing from that point on. You kind of left me and I’m not sure what to do from that point.