Tutorial: Converting SKP ~ I3D

Hello , Im back , Again . This time with a tutorial again of how to convert SKP to I3D but with me talking through the conversion step by step . Anyway i cover all aspects bar the Static issue , that will be covered in a simpler Video. Any questions? then please don’t refrain from commenting. Software used : Blender 2.49b : download.blender.org Python 26/2.6 : www.python.org Giants Editor Blender Plugin : www.gamefront.com Giants Editor 4.9 – Comes with the paid game . Google Sketchup : sketchup.google.com Notepad ++ : notepad-plus-plus.org Cam Studio : camstudio.org Thats all the software . For installation you must first install Blender 2.49b followed by python 2.6 / 26 and then place the contents of the zip file you downloaded from file front in the specified directory in the readme file contained within. Sorry for jurkey motion on video this was due to the fact my monitor was 1080P and that’s what it recorded it in . meaning it was a lot for it to handle . and its now been scaled to 720. Thanks for watching ,comment rate and subscribe . doing so motivates me to make more videos. [PC Spec If You Must Know] CPU – AMD Phenom Black Edition II , 6 Cores , 3.40Ghz (OC) Ram – 2xCorsair 8Gb OS – WIndows 7 GPU – Nvidea GTX 560TI OC MB – Asus HDD – 500GB SSD – 160Gb Mointer – LG 22″ (E2260)
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  • Hello , I take it you wish to make the actual animation in GS , It is possible , GS does have its own scene set-up , allowing you to edit each scene and move on , much like stop motion animation , But GS does all the hard smoothing work for you.

    If it interests people then i can make a tutorial on how to make a simple animation in Google Sketchup.

    If You go to my channel then there you will find a animation i made in GS.(Uploaded today)

  • Thank’s, U helped me alot :)

  • File not found on the plugin :/
    Can u upload a new one? 🙂

  • Thanks alot! 🙂

  • when i export to blender, how much should i scale it to make it 1:1 in GE. I have Blender 2,62 eny help please 🙂 On the other side this video is very great and helps alot if you are a new in this.

  • in the export list is not i3d

  • You need a plug-in. Take a look at Google, you will find it 😉

  • can you please tell me where to find the i3d plugin? I can’t find it anywhere, well at least not the 2.63 version……

  • phyton script error,when i want import my dae file

  • I have Blender 2.49b installed and Python installed ok, but it still wont let me import DAE file because it says “blender-2.49b-windowsblende­r-2.49b-windowsLibxmlparser­sexpat.py

    from pyexpat import * Import error: No module named pyexpat.”

    What do I do now?? If you dont have a answer can I send you my DAE file and get you to export it for me?