Tutorial#1 – MSDN – How to become a web developer/programmer

Have you ever wanted to learn computer programming or how to be a web developer? Well, Microsoft has a great website, full of beginner’s tutorials and information to get you going! You will find video tutorials, audio, and documents that are all there to aid you in your venture of computer programming and/or web development. Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition has numerous programs to get you on your way to programming in C#, C++, Visual Basic, and creating dynamic web applications! Microsoft Beginner Developer Learning Center – msdn.microsoft.com Download Visual Studio 2008 Express – www.microsoft.com Advanced Installer – www.advancedinstaller.com I hope you have learned a few things with this tutorial! I knew that there had to be many people who didn’t know about Microsoft’s Beginner Developer Center, so I thought I’d make a tutorial on it!
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  • A+++++++++
    Thanks for the video
    Question:when they say he is a developper
    It means his a programmer?and could be any language right?

  • Thanks for the comment!!

    Yes, a developer is a programmer. There are several programming languages, such as Visual Basic, C+ C# Ruby, and so on.


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  • @fardad69
    Developer = Programmer = Creator
    and yes it can be any language.

  • What song is this? It sounds like Metallica. Oh and thanks for the video it helps.

  • @fardad69,
    No, he gets a C++. XD

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  • thanks for the video

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  • helps me alot,,thx..

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  • subscribed your videos are amazing excellent

  • The are no magic tools to help you skip the learning of a sophisticated language lice C++ Or C# etc.
    You MUST start reading and keep reading…You must understand that every time you read one line…the tecnology write 4….
    There is a book…from google if i remember correct…
    “How to become a programmer in 10 years…”
    it was the response to those who beleave that you can learn to program..in 10 days…
    of course if you believe in magic…keep moving that way:P

  • This is how windows rocks fuck MAC and Linux ./:

  • @sanosay your right, noone here can learn to be a good coder till the time when the language their learning is obsolete so we should all just give up now, right?

  • I am pretty much fluent in C/C++, and currently learning SDL. If anyone want’s help, PM me. You must be willing to work you ass off though. Learning to program is not easy no matter how you go about doing it. Just keep that in mind.

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  • @JCtrumannAr
    Many programmers would disagree with that statement, as they don’t consider a PHP/HTML/JavaScript Web Developer to be a programmer.

  • @JCtrumannAr Hey! Question.. Is learning Action Script 3.0, Xthml, Css, Xml & photoshop cs5 enough to be sufficient at this stuff or at least good enough to run an Small online business?? please reply!

  • @blackhat2005 Hi, Could you help me learn programming?? thanks

  • Thank you so much! This tutorial is exactly what I was looking for… I’m looking forward to creating!

  • Thank you very much for this. I’ve been looking for a site like that for so long. +()

  • Thank you very much for this. I’ve been looking for a site like that for so long. +()

  • good video… whats the name of this song?

  • @SuicidalXlove1 fade to black from Metallica