Video Tutorial: Android Application Development – Android UI

Class 1, Part 4. In this 2-hour tutorial Marko will build an Android app from scratch in-order to illustrate some of the key concepts for Android UI development. By the end of this tutorial you should have a solid foundation for beginning to work with the Android UI, as well as some best practices for UI development. Marko also covers: – Two approaches to Android UI development: Declarative and Procedural – Views and layouts – Common view properties – Units in Android – Lifecycle of Activities and the Android UI ** Grab the source code at marakana.com ** ** UPDATE: We’ve updated this series to include support for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0): www.youtube.com – we’re releasing a new video every weekday
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  • FIX YOUR VIDEPO LABELS! I cannot navagate your videos easily. Even your web site is confusing.

  • There is like 50 versions of ecliple which one are you useing????? This should be in the discription, otherwise this video is useless.

  • put links to otherr vid parts in the discription

  • Check out the Android Bootcamp Training playlist, all the videos are indexed there

  • We’ve updated this series to include coverage of Ice Cream Sandwich, check out the video description for a link to the playlist. Currently releasing a new video every weekday!

  • thanks for these videos, I’m loving them!

  • thank you so much

  • its a great video and grt teacher too!!!!.. thanks for posting it….
    i hav a problem here… after writing those statements i.e
    Twitter twitter = new Twitter (“learning android”,”pass 2010″);
    i get an error saying “twitter cannot be resolved to a type”
    i dono why this pops out.. i hav included the jtwitter.jar in my directory and hav done all the steps u mentioned…. plz guide me thru dis…

  • its already mention in the first video tutorial

  • plz tell me which version of eclipse u are using coz my eclipse dont hv the same menus and options even afte installing all the sdk and adt provided by google

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  • Very good tutorial, thanks!

  • i love you, this is a sweet tutorial, thanks!

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  • can you do a tutorial for accessing google spreadsheet on android

  • this video has 0 length.

  • GREAT JOB MAN! greetings from Poland

  • I have done everything right, EVERYTHING. But I’m getting an ‘unfortunally com.app.name has stopped’ error.. what would this be cause from?

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