Visual Web Developer Tutorial 2 – Looking at HTML Tags

In this video we explore what elements have to be on a HTML page and how HTML is organized.

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  • I dont see anything that you do under the option tool thing, and whenever I want to start a new project I only have the choice of clicking class library, Can I have some help here? and under the toolbar on the left, there is nothing underneath of it, can i get some help cuz im kinda in a pickle

  • Go to the tools menu and go to the options section on the tools menu.

    Did you download Visual Web Developer?

    Because if you are talking about a class library that has to do with either C# or Visual Basic express editions. Please make sure you down load visual web developer or the full version of visual studio.

  • well i downloaded the viusal web developer, but now its wants to kinda work everything into visual basics and it all wants to work in there, so IDK whats going on, Ive downloaded what I needed and now it is wierd. Under Tools>option There is only like three or four choices on there, did you get this program for free of the internet, or did you pay? can you pm me the website if you did can you send me the link possible, idk why none of this is working though

  • he didn’t pay.
    I’ve downloaded the same program and works fine.
    go to microsoft’s site and try re-downloading it !!
    It worked form me and almost for everybody else !

  • yea i agree with the other poster. I have Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, yours is Express, its really different and I cannot find those features in that Options Tool Box 🙁