Visual Web Developer Video Tutorial 1 – Introduction

This is the first video in a new series for those who are interested in learning how to design and develop websites using either the full version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio or the express edition Visual Web Developer. This series is for beginners.
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  • Am downloading Visual web developer right now.
    I cannot help feeling that its easier just using the likes of jedit or dreamweaver.

    I write all my code myself an feel this is ass over elbow getting stuff done using this app.

    Aside from that your tutorial is cool and well explained.

  • If you are going to be a web application developer you should use Visual Web Developer. If you are going to be a web master then Dreamweaver is the best tool.

    I push Visual Web Developer. Because if your going to be a web application developer there is no difference in difficulty when it comes to software development. In fact web application development may be more difficult. And there is no doubt in my mind that for web application development Visual Studio is the best tool to use.

  • tiny tip : try not to say umm too many times..

    and gr8 video

  • @shariar1995
    This was recorded 6 months ago. I hope I have improved since then with videos that come after this. Thank you for your critique.

  • @mojara2009 np 😛 im an armature myself lol..

    the umm was just slowing me down haha.. gr8 vid

  • @shariar1995
    Thanks. I will do better.

  • can you make your own video site in this web developer?

  • Yes you can. You need to get an encoder like Adobe Media encoder or Microsoft Expression Encoder. And then you embed your video files in the embed or object tag.

  • am am am

  • you had 65+ Umms in your video 😛

  • thanks, i found this easy to follow and learn so far, im gonna make a website!