Web Building Tips – Ultimate Way For Increasing Knowledge About Web Development

Web Building Tips – Ultimate Way For Increasing Knowledge About Web Development

Setting up root password in MySQL is very important task. When databases are created by default root user is none other than MySQL admin account. But here you must note thatLinux/Unix log in root account for operating system and MySQL root are completelydifferent. There are many methods used to reset root password.This is one of the topics of  web building tips.

First of all if you have never set a root password for MySQL, then the server will never ask for a password for connecting as root. But you must remember that this very insecure. Remember databases are backbone of any website and no matter what happens you should not compromise with security of database. Thus, it is important that you should protect it with proper password and reset root password in MySQL to ensure a better security.

Sometimes the requirement of root password reset occurs when user forgets the password. Thus, the website owner is locked out of database server. Under this kind of situation the need for MySQL reset root password. Web building tips provide you more idea.

If you want to reset root password under Windows System follow the following instructions. First log in on system with your administrator username and password. If MySQL server is running, stop it. From the start menu, select Control panel then Administrative Tools, then services. In the next step find MySQL service in the list and stop it. You can reset MySQL root password using mysqladmin command. After MySQL root password reset ensure that you can login with your new password successfully.

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