Web Design 101: Information Architecture Basics

This week we begin our four week Web Design 101 plan in which we explain exactly how to build a website from scratch. Host Jose Caballer is joined by design partner Aure Gimon as they disect the information achitecture basics in this first step. For more info and episodes, visit

Web Design All-in-One For Dummies

Web designers must wear many hats. Among books on Web design, Web Design All-in-One For Dummies is the one that helps you successfully wear all those hats without losing your head.

Full-color illustrations and five self-contained minibooks show you how to be a graphic designer, creative organizer, visual communicator, markup language technologist, and cutting-edge trendsetter, all in one. This book helps you lay the groundwork, follow design rules, test your site, register a domain name, and much more.

  • Getting Started covers planning, defining your target audience, choosing the right software, and more
  • Designing For the Web acquaints you with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, plus how to choose a layout and optimize graphics
  • Building Web Sites gets down to nuts and bolts: putting text, images, hyperlinks, and multimedia files together, organizing content, and building navigation systems
  • Web Standards & Testing teaches you how to test and validate so everyone can enjoy your site
  • Publishing & Site Maintenance helps you get your site online and keep it current

Web Design All-in-One For Dummies also helps you learn how to choose a Web editor and graphics program, how to make your site accessible to the widest possible audience, and when it’s time to call in a pro like author Sue Jenkins. It’s just what you need to start and manage a great site.

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  • @zillionz should be voted in top – would have saved me 20 min. the chart about the 3 blocks your website should consist of was good enough. but squarespace? what does that have to do with IA?

  • Video starts @5:00

  • @chessmaster2000 trying to send you an email but it seems the new layout on the profiles doesn’t have a link to send a message… dunno how advanced you are with web development, but the site below is worth a fortune for learning and as a reference…


    and the channel i found very helpful was tutvid… it’s listed in my subscriptions if you can’t find it

  • @zillionz mind sharing the channel you found to be more helpful?

  • a lot of designers just copy from other designs they see, without really understanding the goals of the user.

    also have to consider the goals of the business, i.e. they want visitors to become users, you need to consider those goals and paths through the site.

    jeez youtube comments suck, only allowed 500 characters. sorry i had to break it up like this, but had these important items to discuss. i wish you had this video posted on your blog site so I could comment more effectively.

  • considerations:

    amount of time they have: are they rushed for time and only want an overview, or do they need detailed info?

    type of connection & device?
    will they be accessing the website from a mobile device using satellite, or from home/office with high speed internet? desktop/laptop or tablet/mobile?

    level of knowledge: do they know what to look for to find things in navigation, or do they need extra aids to help them find things? will they understand how to move through the website?

  • who are our users?
    create personas, use real names, so you have a mental image in your head of what this person is like, and you can guess how they will react to the website & design.
    you need to make a list of goals, what are they trying to accomplish when using your website?
    and what are the steps they have to take to accomplish that, i.e. let’s go through the steps:
    those steps become the pathways for the site. the sitemap should reflect those steps 1 1.1 1.1.2 etc

  • @TizzyT14 yeah suppose I did sound a bit rude. Well it really didn’t suit me… I went with a different channel on youtube and he was 100% more direct in the content of the tutorials… i went through the lot of them twice over the course of about a month and I can develop my own websites already… Get exactly what I needed. But I’m sure a lot of people do prefer the format and mode of delivery of these tuts… I just think it’d take a year to go through them all.

  • @zillionz i beg to differ! I found that everything they said was useful information in some way or another. They covered all angles of how a good web designers brain should be thinking.
    great work guys.

  • Intro needs to be non existent….

  • Ah no fuck it… can’t listen to any more of it. Sorry… every second you’re telling me some story about something that has nothing to do with anything, while I’m looking for information about web development. Thanks for the efforts, but the format of your show just isn’t any good.

  • At the risk of sounding ungrateful, there’s too much chit-chat… i’m in a hurry and I don’t care about 50% of what you are talking about. I’ll perservere with it nonetheless… just downloading it and watching at double speed in VLC media player. Cheers!

  • just wanted to say hello and congratulate you on a great video

  • Your videos are excellent. They are really helpful for anyone who is starting their business on the web.