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asks Kakashi web design Hello …. I want to know if I want to build website using Microsoft Publisher 2003, you could do some animation using Macromedia Flash ? if you can, how I can do that? does anyone know what website that offers tutorial on how? or may be some of the brightest out there know how to do it step by step? please help me … thank you very much .. if using Microsoft Publisher, you can do some animation with Flash or Director or what is the software? Best answer : Answer

web site development can use Dreamweaver to animation and u can use the flash. Go through Flash Help to get an idea of ​​how to develop flash animation. If you need further help with Flash visit www.adobe.com and search on the support page.

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  • I agree with the generation, Adobe products are very good. Dreamweaver is a great design tool for any web developer. It is much better than Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft product because adds a lot of “code of swelling.” If you ever want to modify the source code in an editor, it would be much easier to modify the code Dreamweaver.En Flash, you can do the tutorial at the Adobe website. Otherwise, you could also buy a book. I liked working with a book, and explained everything and then let you apply without having to switch between a browser and Flash.