Web Design and its Benefits

Web Design and its Benefits

Before knowing the purpose and process of web designing, let we know about origin of web design. It was proposed by Tim Berners-Lee in the year of 1989 with consolidate ideas of hypertext and Domain Name System connected with Transmission Control Protocol, he started to develop the web browser which be a sign of the functionality of his earlier software project “ENQUIRE”. At last the web browser design was completed and summon with a name as World Wide Web. It was first tested in the platform of NeXTstep operating system which was running in CERN HTTPd web server and it worked successfully. The world received its tool to fetch the information of whole world in one single key stroke in the year 1990.

The first web page was designed by him in 1991, with basic tag features like header tag, paragraph tag, and link tag. That page explains about the usability and functionality of WWW, to the world. The copy of first web page is available online right from 1992. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) announced HTML as the standard web markup languages and continues to maintain its standard.

Within a decade of time period WWW pervades like an atmosphere of the earth. Designing style of web sites are facilitates with its updates from text to image, Static images to moving image. Moving graphics to animation and growing beyond imagination.

Benefits of Web Designing:

1, Globalization of information and resources is the major benefits of Web Designing, which helps to share information from anywhere to anyone.

2, Business promotion is the financial benefit of Web designing, which helps to advertise their selling product, very near to their customer. Eg: Online Super market, Online Banking etc

3, online Marketing is the methodology, which helps to perform business around the clock and reach their customer, from anywhere in this world.

4, Online Education, which helps the student to get their education anywhere in this world, using web design we can even run an online universities and institutions virtually with its real functionality. Therefore we can provide education beyond the limitation of area, age and disability.

5, Online consulting for medical, education, Business, and Instruction for machine building, etc


Benefits of SEO in Web Designing:

Creating a web design and hosting it in web server, doesn’t mean that, it will reach each and every customer, But it is only half of the work accomplished and yet to be completed with SEO process.

Ok what is SEO? SEO is the process of optimizing our website design in order to be compatible with particular search engine which fetch us one among the plenty of competitive websites which are all optimized to the relevant Keywords or Key phrases frequently searched by our customer. Here search engine plays a most important role, each search engine will index the websites as per the amount of optimized or amount relevant and related keywords present in them. It doesn’t mean that if we have more related keywords present in our website will be indexed first in the search engine. We have to be optimized in all aspect of standard to be satisfied to index in the first page of the search engine result.   Each and every search engine will execute as per their algorithm, which are individually unique and dynamic in analyzing the optimization of the website.

My suggestion for you, to be indexed in the search engine is do on-page and off-page optimization for your website as per condition of search engine’s algorithm. Your source code of the website must be error free as per the standard of W3C. Error free website will give good impression to the search engine. Don’t even think to do black hat process which literally make you to bury in sand bucket and we will be reported as scam and we will be completely banned by the search engine. Try to get good and related back-link from other websites with high page rank and soon you will be index. Hard works never fails. All the best for your top ranking in search engine.


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