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Seth Epstein demonstrates SocialStay’s mobile product and discusses the challenges of designing for mobile.

The Web Designer’s Idea Book: The Ultimate Guide To Themes, Trends & Styles In Website Design (Web Designer’s Idea Book:

Inspiring Web Design at a Glance

The Web Designer’s Idea Book includes more than 700 websites arranged thematically, so you can find inspiration for layout, color, style and more. Author Patrick McNeil has cataloged more than 5,000 sites on his website, and showcased in this book are the very best examples.

Sites are organized by type, design style, theme, color, element and structure. Each chapter is easy to use and reference again and again, whether you’re talking with a coworker or discussing website design options with a client. As a handy desk reference for design layout, color and style, this book is a must-have for starting new projects.

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  • PLEASE get more people like Seth Epstein on the show to share their insight and wisdom. Would be great to do a show with how to deal with various “challenging clients” or “nightmare clients” (with examples) from someone like Seth or other experienced lead designers/project managers. I haven’t been through every episode but also, if you showed five sites with tight, amazing design and why… that would be glorious! Show us designs that blow you away or are best of the best of the best.

  • WOW! Great episode with so much fantastic insight from Seth Epstein. ( and you as well Jose). Thank you for the words of wisdom. There were a lot of great “mental morsels” and “wisdom gems” in this episode… as there are in so many of your great episodes. THANKS!

  • This idea helps for my web designing company 🙂

  • I never understood “apps”. The future is in responsive web design. The end user should not have to download an app. They should just type in or click example.com.

  • Definitely isn’t a Tesla 🙂 We have some unique cars stopping by the ThisWeekIn parking lot.

  • Off topic: Sounds like a Ducati going by outside @ 27:26