Web Design from Scratch

In this new series, aimed at newcomers, I’m going to teach you, from scratch, how to work with the necessary technologies to build web pages.
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  • Been searching for something like this for my fiancee! She really wants to learn and I’m no teacher. 😀

  • This should be great!

  • I guess I really have to say that, I’m a huge fan of jeffery way. I love his voice and the way he explains.

  • Nice.. Good work jeffrey!!!

  • Good job. Really.

    You should do a series for intermediate/advanced users, too.

  • Hey Jeff, for some reason the quality on this vid seems lower than usual. Tho its 720p, any ideas?

    Great idea for design course!

  • @DrRhoxus You sure you’re viewing at 720p? I’m on a massive resolution, and the video is crystal clear.

  • @rafayisz00h Thanks!

  • @LionArtMedia Well this will be perfect for her. I’m going to cover every single detail. 🙂

  • could you tell me if this from scratch series will go on for another month?

  • How come you didn’t mention Coda for mac? I love Coda. I live inside of Coda 🙂

  • This series seams absolutely amazing! I love how its going to be free 🙂

  • I know, what about Coda? Its the best! With the php syntax checker

  • Great Series! 🙂

  • You afraid that newbies can’t handle Vim?

  • And where is Coda?!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing knowledge. 🙂

  • I rocomend Komodo Edit. It’s free and you can find it for Mac, Windows and Linux.