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White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner’s Guide to Communicating Visually through Graphic, Web and Multimedia Design

Designing a brochure or web site without an art background? Step away from the computer and read this breezy introduction to visual communications first. Written for non-designers, White Space is Not Your Enemy is a practical graphic design and layout text introducing the concepts and practices necessary for producing effective visual communications across a variety of formats, from print to Web.

This beautifully illustrated, full-color book covers the basics to help you develop your eye and produce attractive work. Topics include:
* The basics of effective design that communicates its intended message
* Pre-design planning
* 13 Layout Sins to avoid
* Basic typography
* Working with color
* Storyboarding for video, Web, and presentions
* Information graphics
* Mini Art School–all the basics in one chapter
* Outputting your work

* Finally–the basics of layout, design, and visual communication for print and web in one easy-to-digest book!
* “Try This” sections in each chapter include fun, hands-on activities to develop skills.
* The companion web site includes text and photo support material; video clips that put the principles in practice; interactive multimedia components; and links.

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    Good place to start

  • The video is absolutely fantastic!  It’s really very informative video.Thanks for uploading the video.

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  • Prerolls??? Not cool guys. Especially some political attack ad.

  • I love it: 19:28 “What if you’re not? What if you have people?!”

  • Wow. Not the approach I would take, but a damn creative one. More of a “hard sell” style of sales.

  • I here using the Warrior Forum is a good way of promoting your services and there are people on their who will do a good service for a great price.

  • So, GoDaddy, huh?

  • Knock on bill gates door with a gun and say i want £ for this really good web design i did. If he says no you just cap him in the knee, dont shoot him dead or you wont get the money!

  • Q: How do I sell my Web Design services?
    A: For cold, hard cash and for as much as possible.

  • What, nothing about trademarks?? Maybe that Youtube Trademark lawyer I’m subscribed to would want and come and be interviewed on your show?