– Web Design – How do I use Agile to run my web design projects?

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  • Awesome show guys!

  • You should do a video on designing the header and footer.

  • Thanks that would be very helpful. I am planning to build/design a website for an musical act with drupal. Thansk alot for the advice!

  • phenomenal ep!

  • Chris Miller from Stauffer New Media! That is who I forgot. Dammit.

  • You CANNOT go wrong here. Mr Spritzmeister – do you need an outline of what you need to learn?

  • It depends on what you are looking for. That said, youtube has pretty much every time of tutorial you need. The challenge is that you have to know what you are looking for.
    If you want to learn to code I would use codeacademy if you are looking for design I would go for treehouse.

  • Lynda.com. I’ve used it for years. So much to learn on there.

  • Out of all the tutorial services which one would you recommend? ive done only some rudementary web-designing previously, and only have a limited budget