– Web Design: How do I use typography on my website? This Week in Web Design helps you accelerate your Web Design career by teaching you the Creative, Business, Technology and Marketing secrets from our expert hosts and guests. Our Sponsors Use Code Web40 Our Content Partners: Join us LIVE every Tuesday at 2 PM PST or 5:30 EST at: How do I use typography on my website? Jose and Aure answer the question: “How do I use typography on my website?” They share techniques and tips on how to use typography for your website. They cover the following 4 rules: 1. Use the grid 2. Understand leading, kerning and tracking 3. Use white space, color and weight to create entry points 4. Set rules and keep them Resources from this episode: The Grid: A Modular System for the Design and Production of Newpapers, Magazines, and Books by Allen Hurlburt Must Have: Grid Systems in Graphic Design/Raster Systeme Fur Die Visuele Gestaltung By Josef Muller-Brockmann Basic Typography 02: Using Type By Michael Harkins To Learn Basics: Join the Producers Program: Follow TWiWebDesign on Twitter Follow Jose on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:

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  • excellent video, thanks for sharing it!

  • Dammit, I can’t blame auto correct for that – since it wasn’t on my iPhone or iPad. I can’t blame English being my second language either. Working on this week’s episode right now! Pulling back on the amount of content – and going deeper on the topic
    :”How do I design great icons for my website”

  • Thanks for reply and disappointment for misspelling my name 😉

    Looking forward to future episodes.

  • No apologies needed. I appreciated the feedback – and you don’t need to sugar coated for me. I can handle it. For this upcoming week Iam going to edit down the content and cover more “demo” / practice. I think I have been trying to cram way to much into the half hour. A bit of “over ambition”. Again, THANK YOU so much for the feedback! Please let me know if this upcoming week you feel was better paced and more content.

  • Thanks for the feedback kondrad. I agree that in this episode there we tried to fit too much content and it wasn’t easy to get through it. I should have edited the script. We have gotten both very positive feedback and negative feedback for this season.
    There are viewers who really hate the 30 min format and liked the 1 hour format.
    I will take your feedback into consideration for next week’s episode. A bit less to cover and go deeper. Please let me know if it improves next week.

  • So hard to follow along on this video… The first three minutes were just advertsing advertsing … Actually useful information overall in the entire video was about 3 minutes…

  • With every new episode you’ve putting less and less information.

    And this time Practice/la practica was skipped! @24:15 it supposed to start and there was just 5min of ads.

    Dunno if you’re doing that because you want to sell more producers program subscription or skool web seminars, but that’s not the way to do it.

    Jose: You say that you love to teach. It doesn’t show this season.

    Topics are amazing.

    Get yourselft together guys!

  • Logos would be great!

  • I agree, show us a video ad in the beginning, middle and end, then come back to talking about the subject; because the way it’s presented now, it makes it hard to follow, and you have an ad placement right in the middle of things.

    YouTube for ex. They don’t throw in full ads mid video, it would confuse the viewer, and stop them from getting information they want. Instead they do small text ads, which in my opinion is the way to go if you HAVE TO have ads every 5 minutes.

  • Sorry for sounding harsh, i watch the show, like it, but lately no thoughts are finished and the time boxing cut off mid sentence stuff is frustrating.

    The reason is mentioned other thisweekin shows, is they are less rushed, more ideas and discussion than BAM, BAM, BAM superficial touch on subject and they have no silly stopwatch and alarms.

  • Fair feedback. We do need to go deeper into the mean of type for the web. It is meant to be an overview. Also the show is not like other This Week In shows – on purpose. We will make it a point to go deeper into explaining The Grid and Transposing CSS terms. Again, thank you for the feedback!

  • This show should be renamed ThisWeekIn Buy This Book.

    Very little information. No usable info at all.

    This has to be the worst explanation of grids i have ever heard, and other than hocking books, no useful information on typography for web design, even the terms were not transposed into CSS terms.

    The timeboxing concept, the way you present on this show makes it feel disjointed awful and like a fading fad. You guys should watch how awful your show is compared to other thisweekin shows.

  • fontttt geeeeeekdom : )

    great episode

  • yes please do a episode, on logo’s !