– Web Design – Interview with Co-Founder of Razorfish Jeffrey Dachis

This week on the show Co-Founder of one of the biggest Digital Agencies in the world Razorfish joins the program. Jeffrey Dachis now of the Dachis Group explains how “Everything that can be digital, will be digital” Take out some paper and jot down some notes from the pros, right here on TWI Web Design!
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  • The skype video is very jerky, too bad.

  • @katman24 Yeah – That was sucky. But the advice is actually quite good. I will interview him again in the next several months. What other topics would you like to me to cover?
    Thanks for watching! Much appreciated!

  • the comment about sales is very true, if you go to a meeting and simply carefully listen to what the client wants and then make suggestions around that, selling becomes easy. Many business owners tend to love talking about their businesses, so if you let them do that A) They see that you`re someone who cares about their opinion B) You know exactly how to create a design that the client will like.

  • @ildarius Very, very true. It is a skill that takes time and maturity. At least for me. BUT once you focus your process on listening it makes a world of difference. The confusion is that for designers at least it’s about “individual genius” and “wiz bang” – which is not completely untrue but in Web Design you deal with peoples businesses and therefore you have to A. Listen more B. Be a business consultant.