– Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Discussing Drupal

Drupal expert Chris Stauffer joins host Jose Caballer and Xin Chung to take viewer questions and discuss the planning of the ThisWeekIn redesign. 00:59 Introductions for Chris Stauffer and Xin Chung 01:55 The importance of insurance 05:17 Co-working at Blank Spaces 06:48 Why choose Drupal over WordPress? 08:28 Why is Drupal growing so quickly amongst media sites versus Expression Engine and Joomla? 11:00 Chris’s introduction to Drupal 12:12 Chris’s history and a description of his company, Stauffer New Media Development 13:25 “I started out as a Business Process Engineer” 14:08 Chris’s early clients included Toshiba, Nestle, Lexus, & Infospace. 14:28 What are the differences between working for a large client versus a smaller one? 15:35 Small companies want cheap websites — how do you convince them otherwise? 16:40 Drupal is tricky. 18:26 Xin talks about developing iOS games. 21:15 The importance of variable scope when approaching a client 22:38 Coming from WordPress, what is the best way to learn Drupal? 23:10 Lullabot is a great resource for learning Drupal www.lullabot.com 25:07 Becoming part of the Drupal community is the best way to learn Drupal. 25:46 How do you handle open-source solutions with clients? 27:39 “If you hear me say there’s a module for that, you should be smiling” 30:05 How do you use Drupal to develop a site like www.uxmag.com? 31:10 Stupid, stupid clients. 32:32 Is Drupal difficult to use for video-based sites? 34:25 Dealing with Drupal installs

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  • You guys are amazing. You deserve 1 million views!!!

  • Hahaha I love these types of videos! I have one featured on my channel! Its not mine but it was so good I had to feature it! Pitty I dont get any views and stuff on it though…

  • This live web designing tutorial will help to show the re-designing for my company in Seattle 🙂

  • 1 hour and 680 views? oh well

  • Thanks for watching. How have you found the Live Website Redesign series so far – too general, too specific, or just right?

  • Thanks! Let us know if you have any more questions. We shot another episode with Chris and we have another Drupal expert on in a few weeks. We love getting viewers questions answered live on the show.

  • Another fun episode and really helped in trying to decide between Drupal and WordPress for clients.

  • Great show guys I really enjoyed it!

    Thanks :)