– Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Information Architecture

Jose sits down with Christian Burne of Oshyn to discuss the technical challenges in choosing a CMS for the Live Website Redesign, as well as strategies for handling site architecture with clients.

The Designer’s Web Handbook: What You Need to Know to Create for the Web

Make the Web Work for You

You know how to design. But you can increase your value as a designer in the marketplace by learning how to make that design function on the web. From informational sites to e-commerce portals to blogs to mobile apps, The Designer’s Web Handbook helps any designer understand the full life cycle of a digital product: idea, design, production and maintenance.

The best web designers create not only beautiful sites but also sites that function well–for both client and end user. Patrick McNeil, creator of the popular web design blog and author of the bestselling Web Designer’s Idea Book, volumes 1 and 2, teaches you how to work with developers to build sites that balance aesthetics and usability, and to do it on time and on budget.

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