Web Design Marketing and Promotion

Web Design Marketing and Promotion

There is great importance to web design marketing to promote a professional image online.  Online presence is about a perception of who you are and how you can serve your potential customers.  If you think you can just launch a website and kick your feet up and watch the money roll in, you are sadly mistaken.

You need to define some key points about your business and answer the main questions.  What do you have to offer someone using your product or service?  What do you offer that makes you exclusive in your business niche, and why should people come to your business?

The most important part about your online business website is to create a positive first impression.  The decision of whether to stay on or leave a website occurs within the first 5 seconds of arrival.  You want a website that is both visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

Simple navigation on a website is important so what you offer is easily accessible.  Your products and services should be simple to locate for your online visitors.  

Larger websites tend to get more attention with search engines.  When your competition has hundreds of pages and you only have a dozen or so, chances are that your competition will get indexed in front of your website by search engines.

Another factor that determines the importance of a website is inbound links.  The more inbound links your website has adds weight with search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  A couple great ways to get inbound links include submitting to directories for inbound links, writing articles or link trading with other websites.

Perfect code is a factor that can increase the chances whether search engines will index your website.  Pages will load faster when a website has valid code because the browser doesn’t have to auto-correct your code.  Valid code ensures your website will display properly today and on future devices as well.  Websites with valid code are considered accessible to most types of platforms, browsers and screen readers.

Offering free tutorials, tips and advice is a great way to get online visitors to bookmark your blog or website.  You could make a PDF tutorial, a podcast or even a video about how to do something that people could find useful.  When you offer something for free, everyone’s happy.  

Using the proper keywords and descriptions for your business niche can improve your search engine optimization as well.  Go through every route possible to give SEO to your website, because cutting corners is no way to succeed.

Write often to promote your website.  Adding content to your website on a blog or resources section every so often is a great way to help your website grow perpetually.  Even writing articles online is a good idea to get backlinks to your website.  Write about the aspects of your business of which you are an expert.

Using social media to promote your business online is always a good idea.  Use social media websites that you are on to show the newest additions to your company, tips, advice and news in your business niche, keeping it in moderation.

When you go to a surgeon you’re paying for his expertise, not by the hour. In the same way when you go to a car dealer, you can’t just say “I want a car, how much”, because you have to be qualified for just what you’re looking for. The same applies in web design.  I offer all these techniques and other options such as website management, custom templates, logo design and graphics. Larger company websites are the ones to compete with.  Get the quality with CodeRepair that you would expect from a company with a huge staff for a fraction of the price.  Call or contact me by email today!

Roger Degerstrom, does freelance custom website design to the latest standards, and offers search engine optimization for small business owners as the next generation in custom website design.

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