– Web Design – Seth Epstein, Chief Catalyst & CEO at SocialStay

Today Jose is joined by a great in the industry, Seth Epstein, Chief Catalyst and CEO at SocialStay. The two discuss the world of Web Design. For more episodes and a full schedule, visit thisweekin.com

Above the Fold: Understanding the Principles of Successful Web Site Design

Above the Fold is a book about the fundamentals of effective graphic communication set in the context of Web design. Unlike other books that focus on the intersection of design and technology, Above the Fold explores the relationship between the stakeholders of a Web project– the designer, the user and the client — and how this continuous cycle affects the decisions made by successful Web designers. Above the Fold is not technical manual or a how-to book, nor is it about timely trends; it’s about the timeless fundamentals of layout, usability and measurement that lead to a successful digital product. 

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  • Good episode!!! Great Advice!

  • I’ve been looking all over the web for this type of video content – Really Appreciate It!

  • Hello, Seth Epstein! Return us money for development of SocialStay!