Web Design Tutorial: How to edit a free template

this is a tutorial on how to edit an html template that you can download for free searching in google. in the next tutorial I will show you how to use dreamweaver a little bit. download link to template used in tutorial links for some free domain hosting sites link for top 10 paid hosting sites my website my other youtube channels my second channel my fan video channel my facebook page my twitter page my myspace music page my blogspot mini site

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  • Good stuff, keep up the tutorials!

  • thx

  • New Divide- Linkin Park :DD

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  • Nice tutorial. thanks

  • You should sing, you sound like Drake!@#!

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  • what the music on 01:34?

  • I use wordpress for my website but what your asking is how do you change the site into an html site right if so then it would all mean changing the files in your back end which is your ftp server that has wordpress you can delete the wordpress files and create new ones in html.

  • Hello , I have this old website ,when they created it they used wordpress but gave me no directions on how to change front pages or images.
    Im no designer, how can i get an simple directions I have a website not blog

  • your music is to loud to understand what your saying !

  • If that’s not to greedy, i am trying to make a website just like yours and i was wondering if i can have the source so i can have something to get guided.

  • I just spent months playing around with this and I did take a small class on this last year but mostly I taught myself most of this. it takes time.

  • Dude, ur my mentor.
    Can i ask you how could i become skilled as you ?
    Should i practice more on what ?

  • 8:00 minutes

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  • sorry I don’t add music in my videos anymore I will do another web design tutorial soon and it will have no music I stoped putting music in my videos after this tutorial.

  • You are very talented and knowledgeable about website editing and such, but unfortunately I had to stop your video 8:00 minutes in because I could no longer stand to strain my ears to hear what you were saying over the music. The people who watch your video are here to learn something without being disconcerted by a loud music track. As my fellow viewers said before me,
    lower or lose the music altogether. You have a lot to offer, so please keep this in mind in future tutorials. Thanks.

  • Great intro, super clean. I agree with the music, I could hardle hear at you at all! As far as crome I have tried it twice now and after 48 hours it would go glitchy! Iam pretty happy with my explore 64-bit! Can’t wait to see dream weaver!!!! YAY!

  • awesome intro, solid information. just 1 thing; please stop with the background music. your voice is a little bit soft. thx greetings sjoerd

  • Nice intro m8