Web Design Tutorials for Xara Web Designer 11 Premium: Lesson 1 Stretch Background






Web Designer Tutorials for Xara Web Designer 11 premium. In this web design tutorial I will explain a new feature called web stretchy. Basically web stretchy allows you to stretch photos, graphics and other images across the full width of your web page or full height of your web page.

The two main methods for full-width or full-height background pages are stretchy or tile stretch. The stretchy method allows you to stretch the image across full-height or full width of web page. The Tile Stretch option allows you to repeat the image or clone image several times across the full-width of full-height of web page.

The primary benefit of using this feature is it covers full web page eliminating a lot of empty space on your website.

Artist of the track: Techsmith
Name of track: Acoustic Cadence
Direct URL of the Track:
Page track is displayed on:
License Agreement:

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  • I would like to See an Explanation Video of the difference between Version 11 and Version 11 Premium. Also I see in the first 5 minutes that the drop down you call out does not match the 11 version for stretchy and sticky. My suggestion is an easier Form Submit also and I LOVE the new Beta that is offering a CMS style for clients to be able to edit a page with simple images and text THAT is Great Improvement. I love ypur videos. Thanks.

  • Nice video tutorial, thanks a lot

  • Greetings, hope all is well. Is there a lesson on how to set up an E-commerce store? I plan to sell music , T's and videos (DVD'S). Thank you in advance.