Web Designer or Developer: Double Your Rewards with Pre-Made Joomla Template shipped with Joomla Content Management System

Web Designer or Developer: Double Your Rewards with Pre-Made Joomla Template shipped with Joomla Content Management System

Article by Sin Liew

Written for web designers or web developers regularly develop or design website with Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and/or Flash ALONE.


We love web authoring software from Adobe, do we?

Thanks to power of Adobe Dreamweaver. Especially the “Design” mode for newbie web designer which allows you to start earning by develop/design simple websites at the beginning of your career, “Code” mode for experienced web designer/developer which enables you to deliver powerful, optimized, feature-rich website to clients.

Also, I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the “Files”, “Assets” & “Snippets” panel for code, images, and files reuse without the needs of switching between the software and the folder of the project regularly.

“CSS styles” and “Properties” panel is very handy for you to add, modify, delete CSS styles and HTML properties & attributes.

And then…

Client will be happy, at the end of the day. Because:

The quality website you have developed for them.The quality of service you have provided.

You will be happy, too. Because:

The power of web authoring software like Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and/or Flash giving you the power/speed/flexibility to develop new and maintain existing website.Your client’s satisfaction.CUSTOM MADE WEBSITE, WEB DESIGN OR SYSTEMWITH Pre-made Joomla Template shipped with Joomla Content Management System (CMS) and Little Tinkering with Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash:The Effectiveness of using Customizable Joomla Template is nearly 70% done.

Joomla Template is pre-made template product and customizable at your preference. It is not ready to give it to your client just that. First and foremost, assist your client to choose one of them in order to understand your client’s preference and favorite color, font, scheme and look-and-feel.

With the chosen Joomla template, it also means your job is nearly 70% done. No more sketching, no more brain-storming, no more conceptual thinking and most importantly, no more struggling. It is a big leap, leaving from proposal stage and head into development stage in no time. Cool! We are lazy, but we are smart aren’t we?

Congratulation! Your client love it because they do not need to sacrifices their precious times just to meet you for the sketches, proposals and amendments for their future website. You love it because the proposal stage is consider done after client has decide which one to use as a base layout/design and, as well it minimal your telephone, transportation or petrol fee.

Start Customizing a Joomla Template.

What is the purpose of a template? A template controls the overall look and layout of a site. It provides the framework that brings together common elements, modules and components as well as providing the cascading style sheet for the site. Both the front-end and the back-end of the site have templates.

When Joomla! is first installed several templates are automatically included. You can find many more templates at other websites. Some are available without charge under various licenses, and some are for sale. In addition, there are many developers available who can make custom templates. You can also make your own template, continued in Introduction to Joomla Template.

Theme folder is the mentioned Template above for the rest of the work you needed to do (to change company logo, for example), browse to /joomla/theme_xxx (shipped with every Joomla Template) folder. The folder is pack with the necessary CSS, HTML, JavaScript and/or XML files… As a web designer, I’m sure you know what are these and what to do right? There is plenty of step-by-step tutorials to customizing Joomla Template, visit joomla.org’s documentation for more.

Spend some time (1-2 months like how you learn Dreamweaver in the past) to read/learn this, sometime it does required basic PHP programming skill too during the customization process. Since you have web design experience or knowledge, so that does not take you forever.

You have possessed the web authoring software skills previously, plus a new skill to tinkering a purchased 70% pre-made Joomla Template, plus a small amount of time or effort. NOW! You will be able to deliver any professional website web presence customized from a Joomla Template in almost NO TIME…

Your Client will be HAPPIER, at the end of the day. Because:

The quality website you have developed for them.The quality of service you have provided.PLUS, you deliver the website quickly and professionally. You are web specialist, to them!PLUS, they do not need to spend as much as money like previous. Save cost!

You will be the HAPPIEST. Because:

Your client’s exceptional satisfaction.PLUS! Unlike just using web authoring software alone, Joomla Template double your speed and minimized repeated task when develop new or maintain existing website.PLUS! You earn more from you able to do more.PLUS! You stop buying fishy web authoring software like Adobe Dreamweaver. (Required some efforts to switch to editor like Notepad).

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