Web Development from Scratch: 3 – The Obligatory “Hello World”

In this lesson, I’ll teach you to begin all new HTML files.
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  • wow, all three at the speed of lightning, congrats Jeffrey, awesome tuts

  • Jon Hamlin? Is that you?

  • @Chris9446 Who’s that?

  • that’s it… i am unsubscribing…..

  • Beginners will appreciate it

  • @nettutsplus Oh. never mind. You sound a lot like one of my past teachers.

  • Jeffrey Way is the man! He explains everything so clearly just like Scott Kelby.

  • @Bossiiiii That’s stupid, because this is the best web development channel on YouTube.

  • @ReconciledSinner hahahaha…. thought it was hard to to get thru those VIMs… god knows how many more from scratch to come…i’m better off watching those google developers….adios

  • Thank you for this. I really appreciate it. I have subbed.

  • I am already a professorial web designer/developer, and my brother is always asking me to help him do a website, I have pointed him in the direction of your videos, so I thank you on behalf of him for covering the basics, I know NetTuts+ will teach him better than any other website.