Web Tools That Will Make Web Design Easier In 2011

Web Tools That Will Make Web Design Easier In 2011

Every year there are new web design tools designed to make the process for web designers far easier. Here we celebrate some of the new and older web design tools out there, which will be handy in creating user and business friendly websites in 2011.

One of the major elements of web design these days is font. It’s an easy way to attract attention to the website, without detracting from the content. Thus for most web designers, its vital that we get it just right. I’ve come across several tools that aid the design experience in these regards. FontStruct enables designers to share their fonts, as well as create and edit. Another useful tool is FontFuse, which allows you to compare two fonts and make your decision. It shows the latest and most fashionable fonts from the web design community, enabling you to get a hold of some of the most up to date and fashionable design.

As any web designer know it’s important to protect your work via copyright. I found this tool relatively useful when it came to websites and photographs – it’s named PicMarkr and it places a protective water mark (images or text) that prevents theft.

New on the market it a web design tool named Ge.tt, which enables designers to turn any file into web content that can be shared immediately. This tool, known as a real time tool, needs no extra plug-ins – all you have to do is go to the website and follow the instructions. Nor is there any uploading time for files either!

Now this is really the bee’s knees – a web design tool that allows you automatically see the changes you have made (using code or design tools) in your browser. It helps you see how it is to look in the browser environment in real time using one window. It makes the design process far quicker and is a particularly useful for website mock ups.

Lastly on my favourites for 2011 is a tool that enables us designers to test our websites out across browsers without leaving our own home browser. Browserling uses virtual live browses that act the same as if you were using that browser in real time. It makes browser cross testing far easier for the time constrained web designer.

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