What graphic design / animation courses should I take?

Asked by Lina : What graphic design / animation courses should I take I know little of Corel Draw and Macromedia Flash and a bit of Photoshop, which I learned through its built-in, online tutorials and trial and error.Lo do not know is how to improve what little I know to make professional-looking images (at this time are very little amateur). I would like >> Create logotiposCollages >> Create images> ybásicamente >>> Make simple animations, being able to draw graphs and keep my website. There are tons of courses available and does not really know what to take! Basically draw pictures and make a place like this-http :/ / / courses-certificate-courses.aspMe positively want to join a course graphic and web design …. may suggest what the software that should go to? Best answer:

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Hello from FranciaEs your choice that is important to you, our, no …. Choose the one that I think is best for you so … Have a nice day, Cat

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  • for graphic design, using Adobe Illustrator for the animation, the use of Adobe Flash Player.

  • My daughter was interested in animation and went to the California Summer School of State for the Arts program. He learned a lot in a short period of time. They take children as young as 15. It’s great that you are learning the different software programs, but there is much more to learn. Search jobs online and see what they need for their positions. You can also choose to work for yourself doing freelance work. If you decide to become a graphic designer and web animation wants to do then I suggest you learn a program called “Flash”. You will also learn basic HTML code. I added a link below to help with that. My suggestion is to sit with a counselor at your school and discuss which way to go in achieving a degree or certificate program.