What is SharePoint? SharePoint 2010 Essential Training from lynda.com

Watch the entire course at www.lynda.com In SharePoint 2010 Essential Training, author Simon Allardice demonstrates the full feature set in SharePoint 2010 and the necessary skills to be a SharePoint site administrator. The course shows how to use SharePoint, create sites and site collections, and plan and design sites and portals. It also covers Office integration, security and permissions, and advanced features such as document management and business intelligence.
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  • This is an excellent presentation – Good passion to explain and awesomely simple langugage

  • that was without a doubt the best explanation i’ve come across

  • really pro. & honest


  • First time this program made sense. Great job!

  • What a shit video. No diagrams nothing he just keeps speaking. Bet you can see this video watch?v=gYOTudcwCAY , the guy is awesome goes better than stupid bald person.,

    Haaa he should be ashamed as a trainer.

  • I just want to say…..forget any negative comments, i was chuffed to find an English speaking tutor who kept it simple but was still very informing! I now have a rough idea as to what Sharepoint is, before the video i didn’t…..job done! Well done 🙂

  • This guy is AWESOME!!!

  • Wow, this is great! Never even knew that SharePoint even existed! This gentleman explains everything so well, I actually get it! It doesn’t sound all that complicated!

  • Sir, I am 2 minutes into your presentation. You…. are…. awesome. I am looking forward to listening to more on this subject. I have been tapped to be a Sharepoint Dev. You have already calmed me down.

  • Saved my life… I needed to know this…

  • You’re a very good teacher ! I’m french, I was afraid of not understand what you say but it wasn’t the case ! This helped me so much ! I’ll watch all your videos. Thank you mister.

  • This guy’s voice is smooth.

  • This guy is awesome. I would hire him to teach in my organization any day!

  • I love the way you explain things

    thanks !

  • thanks a lot for posting!!! nice attitude! LOL

  • Finally, someone who is engaging! Good Video. Thank You.

  • brilliant presenter. i will view more.

  • Wow, great presentation!

  • Agree with others, this guy can present like a God!

  • Really good instructor.

  • This guy kicks ass

  • “We ended up migrating from Sharepoint all together. There were alot of pros to having the tight integration of microsoft tools, but even while being in a defined ‘centralized’ solution, we weren’t.

    We enjoy the new solution and we can build new pieces on and not be licensed to death or be seat charged into a smaller internal operation that it needs to be to get the job done. Hope all goes well with Sharepoint, but in the Oxcyon vs. Sharepoint world, I’ve made my choice.”

  • This was great information; enjoyed the presentation