What is the best website about web 2.0 graphic design?

Question by alexander82: What is the best website about web 2.0 graphic design?
I’d really like to know if there is a website filled with free tutorials and articles about graphic design for WEB 2.0 style websites.

Thanks for helping me.
Designing for web 2.0 isn’t like designing every other site, it has some rules I think. Such as light colors, lots of white spaces, colours fadeout in boxes,standard effects, such as reflection, in logo, etc.
Is there such a site explaining how to build a webpage layout and to design graphic elements following the web 2.0 guidelines then?..

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  • Graphic design for the so-called web 2.0 is the same as for all other web graphics.

    If you want to know how to give HTML pages effects like rollovers then you’ll need to learn about DHTML, which means HTML, CSS and javascript (or possibly vbScript).

    You can do simple rollovers in pure CSS using the :hover pseudoclass, but bear in mind that it only works with elements in IE.

    And is nothing but an example of a bad web 2.0 site.